Rear Windshield

Rear windshield Repair and Replacement - Rear windshield repair and replacement cost (Get Your Repair Price)

Rear windshield Repair and Replacement

Rear Glass breakage is different from windshield breakage. Whereas, the glass on your windshield remains mostly intact when it is impacted due to the laminate between the glass layers, The rearglass (in most applications) is made of tempered glass Our Rear Windshield Replacement is backed by a Lifetime Warranty against water leaks and air leaks for as long as you own vehicle.

However, now-a-days technology makes auto windshield repair easier and more efficient that ever depending on the location, size and severity of the windshield crack or chip. Moreover it's quite likely that your insurance will cover full replacement of your windshield if it is beyond repair

Rear Windshield Replacement Process

Does your rear auto glass have any damage? While repairing a windshield may not be possible, replacing a rear windshield may be fast and stress-free. In as little as one hour, nexus can get you back on the road with reasonable cost.

How do you replace a rear Auto Glass?
  1. Check the damage carefully
  2. Remove the damaged glass
  3. Vacuum any vehicle debris and glass
  4. Insert a brand new windshield at the back
  5. Ensure the reliability of any defrost or technical capabilities
  6. Clean all the glass on your car

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