Windshield Repair and Replacement - Windshield repair and replacement cost - How a windshield can be repaired or replaced?

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshield Repair Process

Safety is one of the biggest concern for any car owner. One important factor is the car windshield that plays a significant role.

  1. Technicians will cover the seats and hood to protect them
  2. Our exclusive primer cleans the surface and a tool RAS 123 vaccum air from broken glass so that resin can reach into the thousands of micro cracks
  3. Inject with glass healer resin
  4. The risen is then curved with a UV Glass
  5. Any Excess is resin is scraped off gently and polish is applied to smooth it out

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Windshield Replacement Process

Windshield replacement process can be done in the below process

  1. Removing the Trim
  2. Removing the Windshield
  3. Cleaning Out and Preparing the Pinch Weld
  4. Applying Urethane which acts like a glue or adhesive that holds the windshield in place
  5. Installing the New Windshield

When your windshield gets damaged, one of your first thoughts is probably how much will this cost me?

When a scratch, crack or other damage occurs, the last thing you should do is put off the repair or replacement of the auto glass due to the cost. That's why we offer competitive prices so you can fix the damage as quickly as possible.